Daddy Saves The Day

My husband, Mike and I are both Registered Nurses. He works in the ER and I work on a Post-partum unit recovering Moms after delivery. Well, our nursing skills were put to the test a week after my daughter, Ava turned two.

I must admit, I have never been one for emergencies and tend to shy away from "emergent" situations, funny that I am nurse, eh? Well anyway, here is the story. Mike and I were both home on a Saturday and he was busy in the garage and I was on the phone paying a bill. Ava was playing in her cute little red and yellow car that I am sure all of you have seen before.

Next thing I know, Ava is on the top of the car rolling down the drive way! I yell to Mike but he fails to hear me and she keeps rolling. I panic, throw the phone down, and run towards her. But, she just keeps rolling. Next thing I know, splllatttt and a huge cry is all I hear. I went into freak out mode as my precious baby busted in a high pitched cry. Mike, being the ER nurse that he is has no fear and scooped her up immediately. He runs inside to "examine" her to determine if we need to go to the ER. At this point, I am running through the house like a mad woman, sliding all over the tile floor trying to get to her because I am in my socks. I never thought for a second to take the socks off, I just thought....I need to get to her and I need to get to her now. Mike yells, we need to go to the ER. Ava is screaming and crying at the top of her lungs and I am trying to fight back a thousand emotions. Mike tells me to grab some paper towels, I throw the whole roll in the diaper bag, the whole box of wipes, and run towards the car. Mike hands her to me, she is balling and I keep telling her it's OK and for Daddy to just drive. Blood is pouring all over the place (in all my years of nursing it felt like the most blood I have ever saw).

We pull up to the Emergency Room at the hospital we both work. We run inside and of course our emergency felt like the worst emergency out of every other emergency in there. You have chest pain, get over it. You can't breathe, oh well. My daughter is bleeding, can't you see? Why do we have to wait? We work here...hello? Yeah right, our "emergency" was told to wait in the lobby just like everyone else. Might I add that it is extremley hard to keep a paper towel on a toddlers chin. So, we wait and wait in the lobby.

Finally, the time comes to see a doctor. He of course tells us that Ava is going to need stitches. I immeditely thought how are we going to hold our toddler down, she is the strongest little girl I have ever met. As we wait for the doctor to come in along with the other nurses who are going to help hold my baby down, I start to panic again. I start to feel nauseated but I keep trying to tell myself you have to be strong for your little one. Quit Liz, you have to be strong for her. I couldn't help it, I started to cry. This may seem over the top but I felt like a failure. God gave me this priceless and perfect gift and I let her fall, I let her get injured, I could of stopped it or so I felt. Then, the nurse came in along with the doctor. They put her in a mummy restraint and laid her down on the table, Mike and I laid across her, one nurse held her head and her jaw closed, and the doctor began to stitch up my sweet baby. Four little stiches were placed in her chin and the hole was now closed.

All I remember thinking was this was the worst thing that could of happend on this gorgeous Saturday that we both had off. But, it wasn't in fact it was far from it. It reminded us (we have been going through a hard time in our marriage) of how much we loved and truly needed each other. I couldn't imagine not having my husband there to help me that day. We are blessed beyond imagine and I am greatful that Ava is happy, healthy, and that we do not have to make frequent trips to the hospital.

Here she is sitting in her car before the fall!

What are your "traumatic" stories? Feel free to share and comment below!

Monthly Subscription Boxes

As many of you know, monthly subscription boxes are becoming a HOT thing this year. They also would make an excellent holiday gift for someone you love. I am SO excited to say that I will be joining THREE of them. Here is a little bit of information about them:

1) Citrus Lane- A box that will come to your mailbox monthly with different kid-friendly items inside (sippy cups, books, bath toys, snacks, etc.) At 25.00/month +Free shipping.

2) Birchbox- Currently has a waiting list of approximately four weeks for women and one for men is an awesome subscription box for all of you make up lovers! Birchbox delivers all types of beauty samples so that you can buy in confidence at only 10.00/month!

3) Stitchfix- I am SO excited for this one. Ever since I had Ava two years ago, I feel like I have lost my style. Having a then newborn, now toddler makes it difficult to spend hours shopping to find the perfect outfit. Stitchfix delivers clothes to your door personally picked by a stylist based on a few easy questions. Once you have subscribed to the site, Stitchfix e-mails you and asks if you want a "fix" if you do, you pay the "styling fee" and are sent five different items to your door. This 20.00$ fee is applied to your purchase if you so choose to buy any of the items sent to your door. Then, keep what you like and send the rest back within 3 days. Stitchfix will charge your card for the items kept.

I can't wait to show you what I receive in the mail from these companies! I look forward to seeing your posting or reviews of these products. These subscription boxes were purchased with  my own money and are strictly my own opinions of these products. 

What's In Your Diaper Bag?

Have you ever been sitting down at a Restaurant and your child suddenly makes a mess, is screaming at the top of his/her lungs, peed/pooped, or your go to change them and you notice that the place does not have anywhere to change them? Being unprepared for messes will send me from calm, cool, and collected to a crazy bee-yatch that no one wants to be around in seconds.

Well that crazy bee-yatch happend the other day. My daughter who just turned 2 had quite the mess, poor thing. "The Mediocre Mom" over here thought I no longer needed to pack a diaper bag for her since she was becoming a "big girl". Long story short, I thought I would make a "quick" run into Tiffany's and leave the "emergency bag" in the car. WRONG! Halfway into Tiffany' precious sweet girl threw up ALL over herself, me, my flip flops, my MICHAEL KORS bag, and everyone stared at me like I had 17 heads. I had nothing and I repeat nothing to clean her up with. The closest thing to us was a quite expensive restaurant with prim and proper people eating their overpriced lunch. As much as I wanted to waltz into that place like a bat out of hell and yank some napkins out of their ever so manicured bathroom, I refrained. Instead, I marched my fanny to my car repeating, "it's OK baby," I think I was saying this more so to calm my nerves because as I said, I DON'T do messes. Long story short due to my lack of being prepared, we certainly gave many people a show driving home practically naked. Which is what has prompted me to help all of you, don't end up standing in front of Tiffany's with vomit all over you with your child thinking, Mom....where's the wipes?

Newborn-1 Year: 

Diapers- I love Target's Up and Up's. They are inexpensive at approximately 6.29 for a 36 count and have only had one blow out in the last 2 years.

Wipes- Of course this depends on your LO's needs. But I personally prefer Pampers Sensitive Thick Care wipes, they are very soft and delicate on baby's skin and I feel they get the job done with minimal amounts needed. I also carried a diaper/wipes case to keep all of the essentials together so when a diaper needs to be changed the whole diaper bag does not have to go to the bathroom.

Boudreaux Butt Paste- LOVE this product! It is alot less stickier then Destin and residue is not left over between diaper changes. I use this often even if there is not a rash present to keep my daughter comfortable and prevent rashes.

Bibs-either disposable or cloth

Disposable Changing pad- when your out and about the cloth ones may not be able to be laid on the changing table.

First Aid Kit-Bandaids, sterile wipes, thermometer, newborn Mylicon, Infant fever reducer.

Travel Size Johnson Products

Hand Sanitizer- Purrell, Bath & Body Works etc.

Snacks/Drinks- Dependent upon age. Formula if formula feeding, juice, water, dry snacks like Gerber Puffs or cheerios, baby food, etc.

Bottles/Nipples/Container with pre-measured Formula

Disposable bags- Munchkin Arm & Hammer's disposable diaper bags are great to use, they are scented and roll up into a super convient container and are easily accessible when needed to dispose a diaper or put soiled clothes into.

Pacifier (if applicable)

Quick outfit change (onesie, socks, etc.)

Shopping Cart/ High Chair Cover

Toys- Teething rings, small durable books


Mommy Items- I did not carry a purse and diaper bag when my daughter was under 1 so I packed a travel size perfume of mine, hair tie, bobby pins, tampons if needed, lip gloss, mascara,  a spare set of keys in case I locked my self out somewhere, and a wristlet which held credit/debit cards.

---I would also recommend packing more of the essentials in your diaper bag and keep an emergency bag in the car with extra clothes, diapers, etc.

1-3: At this age I went from a diaper bag to a little back-pack and begin carrying my purse again. Or I stick these items in my purse, which ever is easier!

One Complete Outfit Change
Extra Underwear- if applicable keep those Munchkin bags for those soiled undies/clothes.
Snacks-dry snacks
Microwaveable Mac-N-Cheese- I like using these if I am at someone's house and she begins to get hungry and all else fails.
Juice Packs
Extra Socks- for play centers since you have to have socks to play!
Pampers Disposable Bibs
Boogey Wipes
Emergency Candy Kit- for those melt downs!
Sippy Cup
Gerber Graduates Silverware- the restraunt silverware is often too large for those little hands.
Toys- dry erase board, crayons, play-doh, etc.
Huggies preloaded washcloths- for those really gnarly messes.

Please feel free to comment if you think of any other items! :)

Not always beautiful, but always worth it!

I've OFFICIALLY joined the blogging world!

Good Morning,

I am STOKED to say that I became computer savy overnight and decided to sit down with a good ol' cup of joe and join the blogging world. Needless to say, it has taken me a while to get this site up and running but I am ready to start adding useful information to help all of the wonderful Moms-to-be and BTDT Moms.

First off, I wanted to introduce my self and then tell you a little bit about this site. So here it goes...

I am a mother, wife, nurse, and now blogger. I have been married to my loving husband for a little over 7 months. Yes, you guessed it. The carriage came before the marriage... but we are happier then ever. Our daughter just turned two a few weeks ago and might I say we have our hands full. We also have a chocolate lab Brody that I often state I am going to post on Craigslist due to his constant digging, peeing, chewing, and what not. But, my daughter, Ava LOVES him. I work on a Postpartum/ GYN unit and also work in the nursery occasionally. I have a passion for babies, new and BTDT Moms, which is why I have decided to start blogging. Motherhood can be rewarding, exhausting, confusing, and very emotional. I am looking forward to having other Moms to speak with on this journey! My husband and I are also "trying" for our next addition as well.

This site with time will mainly be on the topic of Motherhood. Since I became a Mom two years ago, I have learned, quite a bit. There are things that I wish I would of known and wish to share with all of you. Also, I wanted to have a site where I can hear from all of you to help me along my journey as a Mom as well. I am going to feature on this site several different things mainly starting with what to expect during postpartum, during pregnancy, baby shower ideas, product reviews, breast feeding education, what to ask the pedi, etc. I am so excited to start blogging and I welcome you all! 

Oh, and one last thing. I am sure some of you are wondering, "Why did she name her site Mediocre Mom?" Well, the answer is...after I had my daughter I realized that many people out there will critique your parenting to the point that you will have to grow thick skin or else you are going to be an emotional mess. For the longest time I felt that I had to "compete" with my other friends because I felt like they were often "better" Moms then I was. I have come to realize that my daughter loves me for me. She cannot love me if I am busy listening to others and not focused on who I am, which is her Mom. So, I am OK with being mediocre, I am real, I make mistakes, and at the end of the day my daughter loves me the same. This blog will be about REAL parenting. Not always beautiful, but always worth it.