The Honest Company Review

I have stumbled across an amazing product by The Honest Company and I thought I would do a mini review on how much I love their eco-friendly products.

As some of you know, I currently subscribe to Cirtus Lane which is a great kid subscription service. 

Well, in my box I received several items this month, one of them being 100% Natural Tear Free Shampoo and Body Wash from the Honest company along with a 20% coupon. I was excited about it at first glance because I had just run out of baby shampoo for my daughter and needed to get some more. I normally do not gravitate to the organic products, but figured I would give it a try. To my amazement, my daughters hair (which is some what wavy and normally out of control) was more tamed, softer, and smelled like sweet orange vanilla. I figured I should go online and see what other products they had to offer but never got around to it. 

Then out of the clear blue (it must of been fate) while searching on Zullily for maternity clothes I came across the Honest Company again and decided to click on the link to see what other products were available. Well, to my AMAZEMENT, they offered diapers. Not only diapers but diapers with the most adorable prints on them. I particularly fell in love with these leopard spotted purple and blue ones (happens to be the exact same color we painted the baby's nursery). 

Disclosure: This picture was found on Google and is not my image. But, don't they look SO cute nestled amongst the other amazing products this company has to offer.

The other thing I LOVE about the company is the fact that they offer two different monthly subscription services. One of the services is a diaper and wipe service. In which, the company sends 6 packs of your child's sized diapers in the print of your choice, along with 4 packs of wipes to your door for 79.95/month. Or, you can purchase the diaper packs separately for 13.95/ pack. Which, is only about a dollar more than pampers for cute designs, shipment right to your door, and chemical free. Plus, the fun print just makes diaper changing that much better! I have done my fair share of research on these diapers and a lot of Moms were talking about how their children have had reactions to other diapers and they made the switch to Honest and their rashes and or reactions have ceased and no more blow outs either!

Once Alexis is born in August, we will start the subscription service in which you can cancel at anytime. You can also advance or delay your next pack from arriving dependent on your supply. 

I am excited to order more products from the Honest Company and I hope you will too! 

Disclaimer: The Honest Company did not ask me to do this review on their products nor am I being compensated in anyway.

However, I would appreciate if you do decide to order from them and or create an account to click this link for informing you about the Honest Company so I can receive a 20$ credit for inviting a friend! :))