About Me

In short, I am a Wife, Mom, blogger, and Registered Nurse.

My husband and I met in 2007 when we were 18. Six years later, we have a beautiful girl named Ava who just turned two in November and we are expecting our next baby in August of 2013. My husband is also a RN and works in the Emergency Room at our local hospital. Over the last three years, I have fell in love with all things pregnancy, newborn, and the like. I work on a post-partum unit part-time, and wanted a way outside of work to reach out to Mom's needing support. Often Mom's feel if they are reaching out for help that they are "failing" as Mom's, but the opposite actually is quite true.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and watch my family grow! If you have a blog or would like to be featured on my blog please feel free to message me. Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to hearing your comments and stories!

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