"Under The Sea" FIRST Birthday Party!

My sweet baby turned one in August (yes I know, I am just blogging about it) BUT better late than never!

This was a complete DIY party that I LOVED putting together. Not only was it fun but it actually was a "pretty" party and the decorations came out perfect!

I found a cake on Pinterest that I love and had our local baker put Alexis's together. She even added jelly fishes to her cake to match the jelly fishes that we had hanging from the ceiling. I loved the cake toppers that we found on Etsy.com, it definitely finished off the cake!
The fish net that we used on the table we found on Amazon. The fish net on the door that we hung pictures on was found at Walmart but was not as sturdy as the one from Amazon.

We probably overloaded our guests with sweets, but these little beauties are from Gigi Cupcakes and are the perfect size!
These little marshmallow pops were SUPER easy! We had the marshmallow's on hand, melted aqua blue chocolate and dipped them in graham cracker crust to resemble sand. We added edible pearls for the bubbles and then stuck a goldfish on the melted chocolate while it was still warm. Then finished it off with a decorative straw right down the center.

I picked up some baby's breath the morning of the party. It added a fresh element to the party and we already had these mason jars from our wedding a few years ago. I finished it off with a satin ribbon
around the center and glued a starfish on to complete the look.

More sweets! We actually had these made for only 8 dollars/ dozen and they were FANTASTIC!

Such a personal touch to the party and something that we can keep for years so she can look back on it when she is older!
We used the thinner fish net and stretched it across our pantry door to display photos of our sweet one year old!
Last minute I thought I would do a little something "extra" to the napkins. I had a few leftover mermaids that I printed off FREE online so I punched a hole with my hole puncher added some twine I had on hand and wrapped up some silverware for the guests!
We added a balloon drop outside with the extra fish net we had on hand. However, I accidently added helium not thinking about it and these bad boys floated off before we could release them. I wish we could of seen them fly away, I think the kids would of loved that. Note to self: NO helium!
My mother-in-law had recently token a trip to Florida and brought these back for the party. But, you can find them online many places (that was my original plan).

Here are the Jelly Fishes swimming around in the Kitchen. They were a hit and SUPER easy to make!

I made this for the front door. I found the square canvas in the craft section of Walmart. I also found the A in the craft section, I painted it a mint color to match her party. Then embellished it with a leftover starfish and hot glued a purple satin ribbon so it could hang on the door. After the party I removed the purple ribbon and put it in her room.

Here is the birthday girl! The outfit is from my Etsy shop (The Simply Chic Baby Boutique).

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