What's In Your Diaper Bag?

Have you ever been sitting down at a Restaurant and your child suddenly makes a mess, is screaming at the top of his/her lungs, peed/pooped, or your go to change them and you notice that the place does not have anywhere to change them? Being unprepared for messes will send me from calm, cool, and collected to a crazy bee-yatch that no one wants to be around in seconds.

Well that crazy bee-yatch happend the other day. My daughter who just turned 2 had quite the mess, poor thing. "The Mediocre Mom" over here thought I no longer needed to pack a diaper bag for her since she was becoming a "big girl". Long story short, I thought I would make a "quick" run into Tiffany's and leave the "emergency bag" in the car. WRONG! Halfway into Tiffany's...my precious sweet girl threw up ALL over herself, me, my flip flops, my MICHAEL KORS bag, and everyone stared at me like I had 17 heads. I had nothing and I repeat nothing to clean her up with. The closest thing to us was a quite expensive restaurant with prim and proper people eating their overpriced lunch. As much as I wanted to waltz into that place like a bat out of hell and yank some napkins out of their ever so manicured bathroom, I refrained. Instead, I marched my fanny to my car repeating, "it's OK baby," I think I was saying this more so to calm my nerves because as I said, I DON'T do messes. Long story short due to my lack of being prepared, we certainly gave many people a show driving home practically naked. Which is what has prompted me to help all of you, don't end up standing in front of Tiffany's with vomit all over you with your child thinking, Mom....where's the wipes?

Newborn-1 Year: 

Diapers- I love Target's Up and Up's. They are inexpensive at approximately 6.29 for a 36 count and have only had one blow out in the last 2 years.

Wipes- Of course this depends on your LO's needs. But I personally prefer Pampers Sensitive Thick Care wipes, they are very soft and delicate on baby's skin and I feel they get the job done with minimal amounts needed. I also carried a diaper/wipes case to keep all of the essentials together so when a diaper needs to be changed the whole diaper bag does not have to go to the bathroom.

Boudreaux Butt Paste- LOVE this product! It is alot less stickier then Destin and residue is not left over between diaper changes. I use this often even if there is not a rash present to keep my daughter comfortable and prevent rashes.

Bibs-either disposable or cloth

Disposable Changing pad- when your out and about the cloth ones may not be able to be laid on the changing table.

First Aid Kit-Bandaids, sterile wipes, thermometer, newborn Mylicon, Infant fever reducer.

Travel Size Johnson Products

Hand Sanitizer- Purrell, Bath & Body Works etc.

Snacks/Drinks- Dependent upon age. Formula if formula feeding, juice, water, dry snacks like Gerber Puffs or cheerios, baby food, etc.

Bottles/Nipples/Container with pre-measured Formula

Disposable bags- Munchkin Arm & Hammer's disposable diaper bags are great to use, they are scented and roll up into a super convient container and are easily accessible when needed to dispose a diaper or put soiled clothes into.

Pacifier (if applicable)

Quick outfit change (onesie, socks, etc.)

Shopping Cart/ High Chair Cover

Toys- Teething rings, small durable books


Mommy Items- I did not carry a purse and diaper bag when my daughter was under 1 so I packed a travel size perfume of mine, hair tie, bobby pins, tampons if needed, lip gloss, mascara,  a spare set of keys in case I locked my self out somewhere, and a wristlet which held credit/debit cards.

---I would also recommend packing more of the essentials in your diaper bag and keep an emergency bag in the car with extra clothes, diapers, etc.

1-3: At this age I went from a diaper bag to a little back-pack and begin carrying my purse again. Or I stick these items in my purse, which ever is easier!

One Complete Outfit Change
Extra Underwear- if applicable keep those Munchkin bags for those soiled undies/clothes.
Snacks-dry snacks
Microwaveable Mac-N-Cheese- I like using these if I am at someone's house and she begins to get hungry and all else fails.
Juice Packs
Extra Socks- for play centers since you have to have socks to play!
Pampers Disposable Bibs
Boogey Wipes
Emergency Candy Kit- for those melt downs!
Sippy Cup
Gerber Graduates Silverware- the restraunt silverware is often too large for those little hands.
Toys- dry erase board, crayons, play-doh, etc.
Huggies preloaded washcloths- for those really gnarly messes.

Please feel free to comment if you think of any other items! :)

Not always beautiful, but always worth it!

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